Importing Information Saves Time & Money

by Orgo, Inc.

One of the questions we frequently get from customers is how do to reduce the amount of time it takes to enter information into Orgo? We have been listening and have developed some powerful tools that are designed to reduce the amount of time required to get information into Orgo. We started by examining the way information is being provided to rep firms from a variety of sources. As a result of this research, we identified some interesting opportunities to work with this information in much more efficient ways. We then proceeded to developed a set of importing tools designed to take the information you receive and quickly import it into Orgo within a matter of minutes.

What is really exciting about this is that rather than adding more work to your already overloaded staff. You can actually reduce the amount of time required to do data entry, and put your new found time and resources on more sales driven activities. Orgo will make your firm more efficient by simply providing you with a tool that is designed to eliminate the tedious data entry process.

So what kinds of data can Orgo import? 

Orgo can import anything that can be provided in a spreadsheet format. From your factory acknowledgment, invoice and payment statements. To Autoquotes files and nearly everything in between. 

MAFSI AQ Imports

The first one is our Autoquotes import tool. This MAFSI exclusive tool is designed to help move your quotes effortlessly into Orgo. MAFSI and Autoquotes offer a daily quote file that includes all the quote activity from the previous business day. Current MAFSI members can subscribe to this feed through MAFSI and they will begin to receive this file everyday via e-mail. 

Orgo has created a special importing tool specifically for these files designed to make importing a snap. With just a few clicks of the mouse, your quotes are imported and updated. This entire process takes about the same amount of time it takes to grab a cup of coffee. 

Accounting Import Tool

This tool is designed to give you the ability to import nearly any Order related file from just about any source you may encounter. If the information can be provided in a spreadsheet, it can probably be imported into Orgo.

The most common way for this to be used is for importing factory acknowledgement, invoice, and commission statements. But it can also be a great tool for those firms who are also distributors who use an internal invoicing and inventory management system. Or if you are moving to Orgo from a different system, this can also be a great tool for moving your data. 

The secret to this tool is it’s ability to create custom import maps that allow you to direct what data from the imported file goes where within Orgo. Once you have created the mapping for a specific file then you can name it and save for regular use each time you need it.

With this importing tool, you can receive an acknowledgment, invoice, or commission files from one of your factories and have that information imported and all the associated orders updated within a matter of a couple of minutes.

Lead Import Tools

Many times after a trade show your factories will send you spreadsheets containing the leads they collected during the show. Orgo provides you with a dedicated importing tool designed to make importing these leads into your account fact and simple.

In addition to that, if the manufacturer is using Orgo they can provide their leads to you directly through Orgo. No importing required.

If you are currently collecting and managing sales related information, Take a look at your current operation and examine the time that is being spent on data entry alone. If you could reduce this down to just a few hours a month, how would that impact your business?

Imports are one of the many tools built into Orgo. If you are looking for a simpler more efficient way to manage your business, let us give you a more in depth demonstration of how Orgo can help 

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