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MAFSI has partnered with the following allied organizations to offer these upcoming seminars for MAFSI reps and manufacturers.

Representative Seminars

Certified Professional Manufacturers Representative (CPMR)alt
January 8-12, 2018 - Austin, TX
ATT Executive Education and Conference Center
University of Texas at Austin

Seminar Provider: Manufacturers' Representative Educational Research Foundation (MRERF)

The Certified Professional Manufacturers Representative (CPMR) program is executive education for rep firm owners and managers. Participants invest one week at a time for three separate sessions to gain tools, knowledge and insight into operating a rep firm more effectively and profitably. Many CPMR graduates say that they entered CPMR as a salesperson  in business and left as a businessperson in sales.

During the three years of CPMR programming, participants create an international network of colleagues  in diverse industries. They acquire a common body of knowledge and mutual ethical standards. Reaching beyond a single industry and across borders CPMR identifies individuals that are committed to being on the leading edge.

Since 1989, the Foundation has offered money back to anyone that was not satisfied with their experience in CPMR 101. The biggest complaint we get about CPMR is “Why didn’t you make me start sooner?!”

Certified Sales Professional (CSP)  alt

CSP 2017 Course Dates & Locations:
March 7-9, 2017 Atlanta, GA
April 4-6, 2017 Denver, CO
May 16-18 Boston, MA
September 12-14, 2017 Denver, CO
October 10-12, 2017 Chicago, IL

Seminar Provider: Manufacturers' Representative Educational Research Foundation (MRERF)

There are few requirements to become a salesperson. Frequently, there is little formal sales training, and especially within the framework of the rep business model. CSP brings together exceptional content and proven tools to improve your business as soon as you put them into play. One CSP graduate paid for their class and time away with a single order and within two weeks of earning certification! CSP is a one week course that ends with a written exam and a one on one verbal exam. The earned designation can then be attached to a graduate’s name on all business related materials. The MRERF team is always eager to meet with firms and schedule a class; in your area or at your firm with a minimum of 20 students.

Topics example:

    Setting Personal Goals
    Time Management
    Synergistic Consultative Selling techniques
    Return on Time Investment
    Profitability and Performance
    Strategic Prioritization
    Territory Management
    Account Management

Manufacturer Seminars

Manufacturers' Best Practices (MBP)alt

MBP 2017 Course Dates & Locations:
March 20-23, 2017 Atlanta, GA
September 25-27, 2017 Kansas City, MO

Seminar Provider: Manufacturers' Representative Educational Research Foundation (MRERF)

Finding the best rep fit for your product can certainly be a tough challenge. The MBP (Manufacturer's Best Practices) is two days filled with ideas and tools on how to strengthen the rep network and drill down on the best ways to streamline manufacturer partnerships. It is good for factories that have used reps for a long time or are just starting out with reps. Understanding how to find the best reps and communicate with them is imperative. MBP makes it easier to do!

Best Practices with Reps, Planning with Intent

October 5-6, 2017 - Chicago, IL

Seminar Provider: Manufacturers' Agents National Association (MANA)

MANA announces “Best Practices with Reps, Planning with Intent”, a seminar designed to help manufacturers and service providers learn how to get the most out of their manufacturers' rep relationships. 

Your company's decision to outsource field sales by teaming with manufacturers' representatives has created many benefits such as cost savings and local market access. However, is this partnership maximizing the benefits for your company, you and all your manufacturers' representatives? By developing a better understanding of your field sales force, how it functions, and techniques for better management, your sales team will become much more productive.

You’ll Learn:

  • Sales and Marketing Tactics with Reps
  • Leveraging Synergistic Products
  • Selecting, Recruiting & Hiring the Rep
  • Partnerships & Expectations
  • Motivating Representatives
  • Good Communication with Reps
  • Planning, Pioneering & Performance
  • Multi-line Conflicts

Who Should Attend:

  • Small manufacturing businesses starting a rep sales force
  • Manufacturers moving from a direct sales force to a rep sales force
  • Foreign manufacturers interested in developing a North American sales force
  • Manufacturers needing to restructure their rep sales force
  • Manufacturers who want quick access to new markets through reps

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