Foodservice 101

The fundamentals of foodservice, in a fast, fun and effective format.
Employees get up to speed quickly, and thousands of training dollars are saved.

MAFSI recognizes that our members, need young and talented sales staff, to lead their firms in the future. We also know that training new personnel on our exciting, yet complicated industry, can be a challenge.

Starting in January 2018, rep and manufacturer members can breath a sigh of relief. It is with great excitement that we announce the launch of our Foodservice 101 program.

Foodservice 101 will be a chapter based, online education series, designed to get your new sales personnel trained quickly and effectively...enabling you to get them up to speed fast.

It is important to note the Foodservice 101 program will be user friendly and self-testing; each chapter will take you through a section of the program and end with a quick quiz to reinforce the information studied.

Foodservice 101 will be an opt-in MAFSI member benefit.

The program will launch in January 2018 and registration details will be available soon.

MAFSI's five course Foodservice 101 curriculum will cover the basics of the foodservice industry and will include:

Chapter 1 – Foodservice Fundamentals

This opening course will explain the foodservice fundamentals and vocabulary to start a new hire at an agency or manufacturer on the road to understanding the terminology, guidelines and principals of our industry. The glossary will also become a go to reference guide when students run into a trade term they don’t understand.  

Chapter 2 – Foodservice Distribution

The following module is designed to introduce you to the distribution channels (aka Dealers) as well as job functions of the foodservice industry. While reading and working through this module students will notice that many of the channels will cross over one another and this chapter will explain the subtle differences as well as the multitude of job functions that will help differentiate each one.
Chapter 3 - Foodservice Market Segments

The market segments of the foodservice industry are a vast array of facilities that provide food to a specific customer.  These varied customers all have unique needs which need to be served.  This course aims to identify these market segments and the foodservice equipment, supply, tabletop and furniture needs that each of these segments require.

Chapter 4 – Foodservice Math

In this section, you will get an understanding on how mathematics play a role in the foodservice industry.  Students will learn the universal terminology used by all segments in the foodservice Industry and how it plays a role.  By the end of this section, students will have a basic understanding Food Service Math and how it is used in our industry daily.

Chapter 5 – Best Practices in Working with Reps and Manufacturers

This course will explain the ways in which manufacturers and representatives work together in the foodservice industry.  It will further expand on how they interact, and educate to enhance the relationship between sales, manufacturing, and billing.

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