Foodservice 101 - Classes Start April 1st.

The fundamentals of foodservice, in a fast, fun and effective format.
Employees get up to speed quickly, and thousands of training dollars are saved.

MAFSI recognizes that our members, need young and talented sales staff, to lead their firms in the future. We also know that training new personnel on our exciting, yet complicated industry, can be a challenge.

It is with great excitement that we announce the launch of our Foodservice 101 program. 

Beginning April 1st,  MAFSI rep and manufacturer members can begin taking the program, but member enrollment is open now.

At NAFEM 2019, we will allow all of our channel partners, and industry colleagues, to take a peak at this ground-breaking, comprehensive coursework. 

If you're on the non-food side of foodservice - this program is for you. 

Foodservice 101 will be a chapter based, online education series, designed to get your new sales personnel trained quickly and effectively...enabling you to get them up to speed fast.

It is important to note the Foodservice 101 program will be user-friendly and self-testing; each chapter will take you through a section of the program and end with a quick quiz to reinforce the information studied.

We officially launched enrollment of Foodservice 101 and could not have had a better response.

Reps, manufacturers, and allies alike all raved about it being "high time" for comprehensive training for new people in our industry. And MAFSI is proud to provide it.

And our response was so great, we've extended our conference promotion, but only for the first 101 students to enroll in the course.

Sign up to today and take advantage of this rate NOW, before you're student #102, and have to pay full price.

Remember - the first 101 students INCLUDES the folks that already signed up at the 2018 conference, so sign up now BEFORE we reach 102 students!

The cost is normally $399.00, but only $349.00 for the first 101 students. 

  You can sign up online, here: HERE.
Or print and return a paper form HERE
Please return the paper form to [email protected] 

MAFSI's six-course Foodservice 101 curriculum will cover the basics of the foodservice industry and will include:

Chapter 1 – Size of the Foodservice Industry & Product Categories

This opening course will explain the economic scope of the commercial foodservice industry across the US and Canada, as well as our industry's portion and impact. The course will also define the products we sell, their categories, and how they fit into the landscape of commercial foodservice.

Chapter 2 – The Channel & Channel Partners 

The following chapter is designed to introduce students to the five channel partners. The individual channel partners' responsibilities are defined, we discuss how they work together to supply equipment, smallwares/kitchen tools, tabletop/servingware, and furniture for foodservice operations -- and a whole lot more.

Chapter 3 - Roles & Responsibilities of the Channel Partners

In our third chapter, we’ll discuss who in the channel is each other’s partner, who is a customer, what they expect from one another, as well as the roles and responsibilities of each channel partner - to one another. 

Chapter 4 – Foodservice Operators

In this chapter, we look at the size and scope of foodservice operators across the US and Canada.  We'll dive into the hard numbers of operator units, the size and scope of their segments, along with how they purchase, how much they purchase, and most importantly - how to sell to them.

Chapter 5 – Channels of Distribution

Using an interactive map, students will see the top channels of distribution in our industry, why that distribution channel is important, and how each channel partner works together to bring products from the factory, to the operator. 

Chapter 6 – Foodservice Transactions & Math

In our final 101 chapter, we define multiple foodservice transactional terms such as P.O., acknowledgment, spiff, discount, and more. We look at which channel partner is responsible for each part of the transaction, why they're responsible for it, and how to calculate common foodservice transactions.

Questions? Please contact us today at (404) 214-9474 or [email protected].