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Feb 4-6
CFESA Spring
Orlando, FL

Feb 7-9 
The NAFEM Show   
Orlando, FL

Feb 8
MAFSI Membership
Meeting and
Cocktail Party 
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm,
Orlando Convention Center

April 3-7
FEDA Convention 
San Antonio, TX 

May 18-21
NRA Show
Chicago, IL

Oct 7-9 
Fall Conference 
New Orleans, LA



Jan 15-18
MAFSI Business  
Conference & SMF   
Palm Beach Gardens, FL



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alt alt                                                                               January 2013 Issue

Calling into Question: Call Reports


While MAFSI realizes the reporting of significant opportunities or problems with key accounts must exist between rep and manufacturer, the IRS looks at the use of regular reporting systems, call reports if you will, as one of the key factors to determine whether or not an agent is an independent contractor, or an employee. In a way, you can see their reasoning. Be that as it may, the issue of regular call reports is a problem for the manufacturers who demand them and for the agents who comply with the manufacturers' demands. Both are putting themselves on the line.  >>>>>

Passport into the Territory: Ground Rules for Regional Sales Manager's and Representatives

Looking for a guideline to developing deeper and clearer understanding between Regional Managers and Representatives? Then take advantage of this easy to navigate worksheet. When it comes to business relationships, there are many unspoken rules of engagement. What should you expect and what should you be willing to offer through the process of nurturing rewarding, long-term partnerships in the marketplace? Find out here >>>>>

       What MAFSI Reps Did in 2012 to Meet Market Challenges


The results from the Q3 Business Barometer are in. This is a great way to measure yourself against your business peers and see what others are experiencing and thinking as they run into the similar business issues. All the answers are ranked in order of the most popular responses including some brief input from some of the respondents. >>>>> 

     Secret House Accounts, Unreported Sales and Split Commissions
           Kept by Manufacturer Yields 7-Figure Payout for Rep Firm
           by Gerald M. Newman & Adam J. Glazer

Sometimes, a large manufacturer really believes its size and resources will enable it to overwhelm its sales rep.  By withholding commission payments due under the contract, and by then attempting to wear down the rep in litigation once the rep makes the difficult decision to exercise its legal rights, certain companies follow a “might makes right” business strategy.  Resolve, however, goes a long way toward leveling the playing field for the long-abused sales rep. >>>>>  




Attend MAFSI’s Membership Meeting and Free Cocktail Party at The NAFEM Show          

MAFSI will hold a Membership Meeting and Free Cocktail Party for all members at The NAFEM Show, Friday, February 8, at the Orange County Convention Center from 5:00 to 6:30 pm in room S330E-H.

Agenda for Membership Meeting

    • New Expanded Barometer in 2013 will include detailed product sub-categories
    • Orgo Software Presentation
    • New Fields for Members in AutoQuotes
    • Data Collection and Reports
    • 2014 Business Development Conference & Sales Management Forum (SMF)
    • New Member Benefits for all MAFSI Members
    • Changing of Officers

We encourage all rep and manufacturer members to attend and please ask all of your personnel at the show to participate. By exposing them to MAFSI, it will expand our goal of business expansion among reps and manufacturers and the networking of ideas towards one common goal.

To register your company please click on link - MAFSI Membership Meeting Registration

Questions?  Contact MAFSI Headquarters at 404-214-9474 or [email protected].



President's Message: It's Been A Year Already




Well the time has come and it is my final President’s Message for MAFSI matters. I have tremendous mixed emotions writing this or as they say it is bitter sweet. My year has been filled with a huge travel schedule from the word go. I started off in Palm Springs at the MAFSI Business Development Conference & SMF and literally haven’t stopped for breath.


I warned my family before I started that we would have to re-introduce ourselves throughout the year because my agenda was so full.  >>>>>



2012 American Taxpayer Relief Act Overview



After weeks, indeed months, of proposals and counter-proposals, seemingly endless negotiations and down-to-the-wire drama, Congress has passed legislation to avert the tax side of the so-called "fiscal cliff." The American Taxpayer Relief Act permanently extends the Bush-era tax cuts for lower and moderate income taxpayers, permanently "patches" the alternative minimum tax (AMT), provides for a permanent 40 percent federal estate tax rate, renews many individual, business and energy tax extenders, and more. >>>>>






TECH Tips - Don't Get a Virus





Almost everyone knows about computer viruses, those little nasties that frequently come attached to emails. Hopefully you have a good anti-virus program running on your computer.

There are other kinds of nasties called malware that may not come as a virus. They are often installed when you download that nifty free utility you found on the internet. Some, such as the now infamous Sony rootkit that they used to try and keep their music from being shared, are installed by “legitimate” software >>>>>




MAFSI Updates



Agents Wanted

Bringing the best reps together with best manufacturers is at the core of MAFSI's mission. We are pleased to bring you our monthly Agents Wanted bulletin, which lists MAFSI manufacturers needing representation by region.

If you contact one of these manufacturer members and tell them you are interested in the line, you will probably make the sales manager's day. You are saving him or her the trouble of doing a directory search and this will also give you the inside track on getting the line.

To view lines needing representation in your area click on your region below:

Region 1 - New England

Region 2 - Upstate New York/W. Pennsylvania

Region 3 - New York Metro

Region 4 - Keystone

Region 5 - Mid-Atlantic

Region 6 - Michigan/Indiana

Region 7 - Mid-America



Region 11 - Carolinas

Region 12 - Southeast Central

Region 13 - Florida

Region 14 - South Central

Region 15 - Texas/Oklahoma

Region 16 - Mid-Central

Region 17 - Chicago Metro

Region 18 - Wisconsin/Upper Michigan

Region 19 - Upper Mid-Central


Region 20 - Mountain States North

Region 21 - Arizona/New Mexico

Region 22 - Southern California

Region 24 - San Francisco Metro

Region 25 - Northwest

Region 26 - Canada

Region 27 - Mexico

Region 28 - International


You can also click on “Find a New Line” in the members’ only section of the website at any time to search for manufacturers needing reps. New manufacturer listings are added weekly.

This service is offered by MAFSI to keep our agent members advised of available lines from manufacturer members. This bulletin should not be construed as an endorsement of that product line by the association.   |   [email protected]   |   P: 404-214-9474   |   F: 404-522-0132