March 2015

Do you like to NAFEM? We do. …And that my friends, we did. Big time.
by Tom Jedlowski, Associate Executive Director

Our members came out in DROVES for this year’s 2015 NAFEM.  We signed up an all time high for new membership at the show.  Everyone wanted to know what we're about. They wanted to know how we can help them, and help them better their businesses.

They walked the show, they met with dealers and operators, they came by the booth, and they came to our Membership Meeting and Cocktail Party on Friday night. Our meeting had a record attendance of over 500 reps, manufacturers and allies, and was the go-to event immediately following the show.

All of members supporting each other. Empowering each other. And being prouder than ever to be a part of MAFSI.




 SpecPath™ Beta Testing

They also came out to learn about SpecPath™; our industry’s first comprehensive software database of 11-4000 specifications across North America. Tracking specification, origination, and destination logistics for the 15,000 specifications written every year, SpecPath™ is sure to change the way you track your specs from here on out.

And they couldn’t have been more excited. We’ve been fielding a barrage of emails and calls from willing participants for our beta testing.

We anticipate releasing SpecPath™ for beta in the coming weeks, and are compiling those folks that have expressed trying it before the formal release.

If you’re interested in beta testing, please email [email protected] and we’ll put you into a drawing to be the very first to give it drive.

We’re proud of what our members have worked so hard to make happen, and we’re even happy to bring this great program into your day-to-day operations. A program that will, simply put, make your work life easier.

To find out more about SpecPath™, visit

Membership Meeting Videos 

If you weren't at our Membership Meeting, then you missed a terrific meeting, some great videos we made showing everything MAFSI membership is about: Passion, data, and connecting reps and manufacturers in the greatest industry in the world.
“I am MAFSI”
Entitled, “I am MAFSI”, it showcased a number of rep and manufacturer members showing why they’re proud to belong to our great association. A video highlighting our breadth - and united force - as the best and only way to go to market in our industry.

2015 Commercial Foodservice Market Forecast

If you are one of the handful of Reps or Manufacturers that hasn’t been in the loop on our Market Forecast, you really should be. The industry has been keeping a close eye on it, and it’s truly become the go-to report for gauging the upcoming year’s sales.  

For 2015, our Reps came out for us BIG TIME.

We had over 160 firms or 58% participate in this year’s forecast, an over 20% increase from last year. We also added equipment sub-categories to run parallel with the barometer.

This year, we released the forecast on a newswire - and OUR data, the numbers WE compile, and WE report – was picked up by over 35 national news outlets, trade magazines, and online postings.  We had more coverage than we ever thought, and it only speaks to the relevancy of what we do each and every day.

2016 MAFSI Conference
January 13-16 - Phoenix, Arizona
The future of you. The future of food.

We’re off to Phoenix Arizona for 2016, and this one is on deck to be the biggest, best, and most-attended educational conference in. our. industry.

Ask anyone that was at our conference in Palm Beach last year. They’ll tell you they learned more than they ever imagined, and had an amazing time doing it.

If you missed last year’s conference, you have an opportunity to pay penance for your sins.

Bring your reps, your manufacturers, your inside sales people, your outside sales force, your regional sales managers, and your VP’s of sales and don’t forgot our newest program designed specifically for factory customer service managers for MAFSI’s 2016 Business Development Conference, Repnology, and Sales Management Forum. 

Register by March 15 for your chance to win a brand new phone on us. Android, iPhone 6+, Galaxy, Crack-berry,– whatever your poison. WE WILL HAVE FOUR DRAWS through May 15, 2015. We're entering each rep or manufacturer who registers for next year’s conference into three separate but cumulative drawings for 15th of March, April and May. So, if your name is drawn, MAFSI will buy you the latest and greatest smartphone of your choice. The sooner you register, and sign up for your housing, the more chances you have to win. Your name will stay in the drawing twice, for both registration and housing, through May 15 so the sooner you register the more chances you have to win.

Then you can use your new phone to take a selfie and tweet it to #mafsiselfie to confirm that you will be with us in Phoenix. MAFSI 2016 is the future of food, the future of you.

MAFSI Board of Directors
We also put together a great video that highlights our Board of Directors, who are the visionary leaders that help’s MAFSI be at the forefront of the commercial foodservice equipment industry. It’s their voice, their vision, and their leadership – that keeps us – everywhere.

Many thanks to all of you that stopped by the booth to say hi, to find out about SpecPath™, and to hear about our great member benefits and partners like Orgo, and TMC Digital media.

Many more thanks to those of you that just stopped by to say hi.

We thank you each and every day for the enthusiasm, passion, fun, and dedication you bring to our great industry. 

It means the world to us.

Tom Jedlowski, Associate Executive Director

Tom is responsible for galvanizing member benefits, while strategizing new initiatives to further the association’s brand as a thought-leader within the commercial foodservice equipment industry. After serving for almost two years on our PR and Marketing Committee, Tom has long been a staunch advocate both for MAFSI, and for the rep-manufacturer method of marketing. He brings over nine years of marketing, public relations, and branding expertise to the MAFSI team.  Tom can be reached at [email protected] or at (615) 942-7959.

Questions or Comments? Please contact us today at (404) 214-9474 or [email protected].