MAFSI's purpose is to represent the professionalism of our outsourced sales reps to the industry, through providing business information, which in turn increases their visibility, and reinforces their authority as the expert in the field for their manufacturers and foodservice industry.

MAFSI exists to support its members in optimizing the professional outsourced field sales function in the foodservice industry by providing unique educational initiatives, promoting the value of independent manufacturers' representatives, and is the voice and advocate for our members. MAFSI ensures the rep is an unchallengeable partner to our manufacturers.

Our formula for success is simple: recruit top-ranking reps and manufacturers, offer innovative, world-class professional training, surround members with a solid network of trusted peers and industry experts, combine that with superior member support, and the result is a business that is positioned for success and profitability within the global foodservice industry.

MAFSI Provides:

  • Visibility. MAFSI offers a searchable database of our members, which includes over 270+ of the best rep firms and 220+ manufacturers. The Online Rep Locator is the perfect way to reach the people that count in the industry and is THE place sales managers look for professional representation in North America.
  • Advocacy. MAFSI is your ambassador representing your voice, your interests, and your concerns to the industry. We act as your spokesperson, when alone your voice would only be a whisper.
  • Education and Resources. By their affiliation with MAFSI, our reps and manufacturers are highly educated on industry and customer trends. MAFSI provides our members with hundreds of hours of training, over 80 guidelines and resources, MAFSI only market research including our quarterly foodservice business barometer and annual market forecast statistics. In addition, our reps, benchmark their agencies annually, providing consistent measure of what they are doing right and where they can grow.
  • Innovation. Two of our newest offerings include SpecPath, our online 11 400 00 specification/project management tracking software and Foodservice 101, which offers the fundamentals of foodservice, to new salespeople in the industry, ensuring our rep and manufacturer members can hire new talent with confidence, and get their new hires up to speed quickly.
  • Networking & Partnerships. Successfully connecting reps and manufacturers since 1949, MAFSI provides a means of cooperation between competitors for mutual self interests. We give you the opportunity to know your business associates, gain their friendship and respect and offer a medium of exchange with others having similar business successes and struggles.
  • Opportunity. We provide a forum in which your views can be expressed and give you a means by which you can help shape industry practices and policies.

Ask any of our over 500+ members why they belong to MAFSI and they will tell you, that when you belong to MAFSI, you belong to the only advocacy group for rep-manufacturer method of going to market in the foodservice industry.

Questions? Please contact us today at (404) 214-9474 or [email protected].