Since launching on July 11th, SpecPath® has been a game changer for 642 MAFSI reps, and 156 MAFSI manufacturer users. We receive accolades every day from both sides, telling us how much they get out of the program.  We hope you enjoy this free trial of SpecPath®, and get some truly great intelligence from it. 

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SpecPath Testimonial:

"SpecPath has been an unbelievable tool for our company and the data collected from this system is outstanding. We not only find out about projects coming into our territory but also which consultants are specifying our products. We can see which market segments of the business are growing based on the items specified and which consultants are most involved in those segments. The information we now have at our fingertips is amazing. This program is so simple to use and there is no better way to collect this crucial information.

I personally rely on the email notifications I receive to let me know when a new project was added, if a dealer was added to the project, or it it’s been awarded. All in real time.

This new level of transparency also makes it much easier for us to file for credits with our factories and ensures we’re getting accurate credits the first time.

If you are a rep interested in gaining more knowledge about your territory and getting paid for the work you are doing, I highly recommend SpecPath. You won't regret it."

James Mathis
Equipment Preference, Inc. (EPI) - CFO

For a $150* per month, your subscription includes:

SpecPath® is currently tracking:

  • 2,900+ Projects (since launch on July 11th, 2016)
  • 457,000+ Items Across All Projects
  • 1,500+ Manufacturer Equipment Brands
  • 1,100+ Foodservice Consultants
  • 2,200+ Foodservice Equipment Dealers
  • 156 Manufacturer Users Across 29 Brands
  • 642+ Rep Users Across 81 Firms


Who else is using it?
Your fellow reps and manufacturers see the value SpecPath® brings to their business, too.

Great firms like:

Advanced Culinary Systems
Agences Hamilton Agencies 
Apex Commercial Kitchen Co. 
ASM - Market First 
BSE Keystone 
BSE Marketing 
Byrne & Associates, Inc. 
C. R. Peterson Associates, Inc. 
Central Marketing Associates 
Chernoff Sales, Inc. 
Chrane Foodservice Solutions 
Clark, Malone & Associates, Inc. 
Clements-Stella-Gallagher Marketing 
Collis Group, Inc. 
Culinary Equipment Group 
Davis & Associates, Inc. 
Desert Peak Marketing 
E3 Commercial Kitchen Solutions 
Eaton Marketing Associates, Inc. 
Equipment Preference, Inc. (E.P.I.) 
Equipment Solutions, Inc. 
Florida Agents, Inc. 
GMV Sales 
Griffin Marketing Group, Inc. 
Hanna-Young & Associates, Inc. 
High Sabatino Associates 
Hollander Company 
HRI, Inc. 
Ignite Foodservice Solutions 
Intermountain Food Equipment 
Johnson Commercial Agents 
Johnson Pike & Associates, Inc. 
Kaufmann & Associates 
KLH Marketing, Inc. 
Link2 Hospitality Solutions 
Lund-Iorio, Inc. 
Miller & Associates 
Mirkovich - Casper 
Moccia Enterprises 
Mountain Sales and Service Inc. 
Nordon, Inc. 
Pecinka Ferri Associates 
Permul Ltd. 
Posternak Bauer 
Aitkenhead Cantamessa 
Preferred Marketing Group 
Premier Marketing Group, Inc. 
Pro/Line Marketing, Inc. 
R. Henry & Associates 
Ritten Associates, Inc. 
Silver Eagle Marketing Company 
South Eastern Manufacturers' Agents, Inc. (SEMA) 
Spurry-Curren and Associates, Inc. 
Starliper & Associates 
The 2Market Group, Inc. 
The Burlis-Lawson Group 
The Hansen Group 
The Jay Mark Group, Ltd. 
The Redstone Group 
The Schmid-Wilson Group 
The YES Group 
Tom Redditt Sales Agency 
Total Source Equipment & Supply 
Vader & Landgraf, Inc. 
W. D. Colledge Co., Ltd. 
WB Marketing LLC 
Woolsey & Associates, Inc. 
Zink Foodservice

And great manufacturers like:

Cleveland Range 
Dormont Manufacturing Company 
Electrolux Professional Inc 
Follett LLC 
IMC/Teddy Food Service Corp. 
InterMetro Industries Corporation 
Kitchen Brains 
Kolpak and Harford Walk-Ins, RDI Systems Refrigeration 
Lincoln, Merco & Merrychef 
Master-Bilt Products 
NEMCO Food Equipment 
Nor-Lake, Inc. 
Revent International 
Scotsman Ice Systems 
Somerset Industries 
Structural Concepts Corporation 
T & S Brass And Bronze Works 
The Delfield Company 
The Frymaster Corporation 
Victory Refrigeration 
Vulcan Food Equipment Group 



And of course, if you have any questions whatsoever during (or after!) the free trial period, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] We’ll be happy to address any questions or concerns you may have.

- The MAFSI SpecPath® Team 

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 Over 600 reps and 150 manufacturers use SpecPath every day -- and they consistently give us rave reviews, telling us how this program has transformed the way they track specs and manage projects. However, if you are not satisfied with SpecPath, simply let us know and we will send you a refund for your current month’s subscription fee. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed!

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